With the rapid development of social economy, many large-scale construction projects and many shopping squares will be applied to aluminum panel. You will find that there are many types of aluminum panel on the market. Different types of aluminum panel have different characteristics. Generally speaking, there are several types of aluminum panel. So, what are the general types of aluminum panel? Let's follow the Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers to find out.

Now many large-scale engineering construction processes, as well as housing decoration process will also be applied to aluminum profiles, with good corrosion resistance and sliding resistance, mainly mirror aluminum panel, brushed aluminum panel, aluminum oxide panel and embossed aluminum panel, each aluminum panel has different characteristics, and its appearance is more varied for you to choose.

Among them, the mirror aluminum panel is mainly processed by rolling, grinding and other methods, so that the produced aluminum panel is smoother, and the wire-drawing aluminum panel is also produced. The main process flow is divided into three parts: degreasing, sand grinding machine and water washing, which can generate a coating layer containing the metal component on the surface of the aluminum panel, so that the aluminum panel has fine hair lustre, and the aluminum oxide panel is more popular with customers and friends.

What kind of classification do you have for aluminum panel, should you understand it clearly? In fact, there are many types of aluminum panel, mainly patterned aluminum panel, mirror aluminum panel, embossed aluminum panel, wire-drawing aluminum panel, aluminum oxide panel and other types of specifications. Moreover, aluminum panel has relatively strong plasticity, better corrosion resistance and skid resistance, and are widely used. They are used as skid-proof mats in many large shopping malls and bus stops, and can also be widely used in large building construction.

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