Graphene is widely used. With the maturity of graphene technology, it is gradually applied to the clothing industry. So what is graphene fabric? In fact, a certain proportion of graphene fiber is added into textile fiber. Although the content is not too high, it has a great influence on the quality of clothes.

Therefore, graphene fabric is a high-tech fabric blended by graphene fibers.

What are the characteristics of graphene fabrics?

1. Graphene is a kind of monoatomic carbon in nature, so graphene is not so-called only available in laboratories. Generally, the pencil we used will leave one or several layers of graphene on the paper.

2. Graphene has a stable structure, which is why ink marks marked by pencils can remain stable. It is precisely because of this characteristic of graphene that graphene can be made into very thin materials, and its toughness is also very strong, 200 times that of steel of the same grade, and its stretching range can reach 20% of its own size.

3. The fiber structure is almost transparent and the thermal conductivity is better than diamond and nanotube.

4. It has the function of strengthening cellular immunity and has the effect of diminishing inflammation and inhibiting bacteria.

These are the little knowledge related to graphene fabrics that Xiaoshan Rongli has compiled for you, hoping to be helpful to you. Contact us to learn more:functional fabric.