Question: In which industries are heat transfer materials used for decorative plastics?
A: Because heat transfer works on most substrates, they can be seen in all industries. For example, United Silicone is dedicated to applications in the appliance, automotive, personal care, industrial containers, cosmetics, sporting goods, advertising specialty, medical and apparel industries. For heat transfer, the wide range of spot colors, the use of primary colors (CMYK + W), and various finishes make the possibilities infinite. In addition to all color options, bold and fine graphics can be grouped together on the same print and have the ability to print variable data. This is very attractive in many markets.

Question: What technological progress has taken place in heat transfer?
Answer: I have seen heat transfer progress in heat transfer and application equipment. Heat transfer formulations are continuously improved to accommodate changing substrate changes. Tighter tolerances between different colors within the image and more precise image placement on the part have met or exceeded customer requirements. Applying transfers with better part handling and shorter dwells (time) increases application cycles and faster machinery. The ability to change data, such as barcodes or lot numbers, opens the door to applications that were not feasible in the past. The heat transfer mesh can now be laser-cut or die-cut to decorate raised or recessed areas on the part. In the past, parts with recessed or raised areas caused the web to wrinkle, creating defects in the print.

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