We can see many kinds of landscape lights in squares, parks, residential quarters and gardens and courtyards. These landscape lights come in various shapes such as animal and plant shapes, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, iron, stainless steel and so on. How are these landscape lights fixed? The following landscape light manufacturer will tell you.

What should we pay attention to when installing landscape lights?

1. First of all, we need to determine the location of the installation of landscape lights, and pay attention to the location of the installation of landscape lights, whether it is suitable for the installation of the selected type of landscape lights.

2. According to the height and size of outdoor landscape lights, make a foundation of the corresponding size. If it is a cement foundation, calculate how much foundation to embed.

3. The total power of the landscape light and the actual working voltage. If the pre-installed voltage does not match the light body voltage of the landscape light, the later change is very troublesome.

4. Attention should be paid to the safety of the installation of landscape lights. When installing landscape lights, some accessories of landscape lights cannot be directly assembled into finished products from the factory. Therefore, on-site assembly is required. The light source requires on-site wiring. If it is a more complicated landscape light, we should ask the manufacturer to assist in guiding the installation or provide installation instructions and operation instructions.

5. After installing landscape lights, wiring must be insulated to avoid unnecessary safety losses caused by leakage.

6. Too bright or too dark scenery lights may affect the whole environment and reduce the function and grade of scenery lights.

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