Fashionable young people like to buy fabric sofas now. They can be lively, elegant, casual and introverted. They can be satisfied with whatever style they want. What determines the style of fabric sofa? By the way, is the fabric and colour. Cloth sofas with different fabrics and colours have different styles and advantages, and even different cleaning methods. Let's take a look at different Plush Fabric For Sofa cleaning knowledge.

1. Cut flannel

Advantages: cut pile surface is uniform, with good gloss, comfortable pile feeling, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

Cleaning method: The correct cleaning method should be to press off the water with both hands or let it dry naturally. During brushing, it should be placed on a flat board or table and brushed along the weave to keep the colour uniform and avoid hair on the cloth.

2. Printing

Advantages: Colorful and bright. No pilling, no burrs, no deformation.

Cleaning method: it is best to wash with cold water or warm water first, and it is not suitable to soak and wash with boiling water, nor to stack for too long.

3. Jacquard

Advantages: full hand feeling, thick texture, strong wear resistance, good air permeability, comfortable sitting, not stuffy and damp. The pattern has layers, unique colour, concave and convex with stereoscopic impression.

Cleaning method: Jacquard fabric should not be brushed with a hard brush to avoid fuzzing.

4. Flocking cloth

Advantages: strong stereoscopic impression, bright colour, soft hand feeling, good colour fastness, friction resistance, flatness and no gap.

Cleaning method: The correct cleaning method should be to use both hands to remove moisture or let it dry naturally, brush down the fluff in one direction, so as to keep the original appearance of flocking.

5. Cotton and hemp

Advantages: good air permeability and sweat permeability, cotton linen can absorb sweat and micro-sweat on human skin, so that body temperature can quickly return to normal, truly achieving the effects of air permeability and sweat absorption, warm in winter and cool in summer. Comfortable, antipruritic and skin-friendly for personal use. The PH value is acidic, has no irritation to skin, and meets the requirements of environmental protection and human health.

Cleaning method: hemp fiber is rigid and has poor cohesion. It should be lighter than cotton fabric during washing. Hard brush and hard rubbing are not allowed to avoid fuzzing of cloth surface. Do not wring hard after washing, do not scald coloured fabrics with hot water, and do not insolate in the sun to avoid fading.

6. Cotton

Advantages: good air permeability, soft hand feeling, simple and natural aesthetic appearance, soft lustre, excellent alkali resistance and heat resistance.

Cleaning method: soak in water for several minutes before washing, but not for too long to avoid colour damage. It can be washed by hand or machine, but due to the poor elasticity of cotton fiber, do not scrub hard during washing to avoid deformation and affect the size.

7. Suede

Advantages: soft fur, waxy texture, good drapability and light texture.

Cleaning method: wipe off the dust on the surface with a dry cloth first, then wipe the surface with a slightly wet soft cloth, be careful not to exert too much force, and straighten out the wool on the velvet leather in one direction, so that the whole cloth surface presents a uniform and uniform colour.

8. Chemical Fiber (Imitation Silk)

Advantages: strong and durable, easy to handle, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing characteristics. Adding antibacterial agent to make it have an antibacterial function; Mineral micro powder is added to make it have low radiation function or far-infrared radiation function.

Cleaning method: the temperature of the washing liquid should not exceed 45℃, and the dirty parts can be brushed with a brush. Rinse and rinse after washing. Twist and twist lightly. Dry in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose to the sun. Do not dry to avoid wrinkling due to heat.

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