What must be indicated on the food label? I don't know if we have a certain understanding, let the print labels supplier take you to have a look.

At present, mandatory food labels must be marked with the following contents: food name (also called commodity name), ingredient list, implementation standard, QS number and QS logo, net content (or specification), manufacturer information, production date (or batch number), shelf life, storage conditions, nutrition labels, etc. Other contents that can be marked include trademark, eating method, publicity content, authentication information, etc.

Food Name: The name of the product. The product name can be seen on the front of the package, and usually appears in large font.

Ingredients list: what raw materials are used to produce the food you sell so that consumers can see clearly and make purchase decisions. For example, your bread, in addition to the flour known to all, which oils and fats are used, which food additives are used, or which nutritional elements are added, etc., can all be seen in the ingredients list.

Enforcement Standard: The enforcement standard refers to the production standard according to which the enterprise conducts production during production. This is the enforcement standard. It's all a standard code. The average person doesn't need to pay attention to it. The enterprise can mark it normally.

QS number and QS logo: QS is the number of the food production license, and this enterprise also has it. Please be careful not to write the wrong number. It should be noted that QS logo cannot be deformed and color cannot be changed.

Net content: it usually appears on the front of the package, such as 200g or 500ml, which tells the consumer how much of your product is, so that the consumer can choose whether to buy affordable or brand. It should be noted that the net content should be listed on the same display page as the food name in the food packaging. Also, the net content figure height is too small to meet the requirements. Solid content shall be marked for products with solid and liquid phases.

Manufacturer's information: including the name of the enterprise, the address of the production factory, the contact number of the enterprise, etc. to prove which enterprise produced the product. Consumers can see the production address and contact the manufacturer.

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