In our daily life, we may hear less about what nylon is, but when it comes to nylon, everyone knows it. In fact, nylon is what we often call nylon, so the question of what kind of fabric nylon is not difficult to answer. The following nylon fabric manufacturers will unveil the mystery of nylon for you.

When it comes to what kind of fabric nylon is, we need to understand its characteristics.

First, nylon has good strength and wear resistance, ranking first among all fibers. This is also one of the reasons why nylon is used as a raw material for mountaineering clothing and winter clothing. Clothes made of nylon are usually durable and not easy to wear.

Second, nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under small external force, so nylon clothing is easy to wrinkle during wearing, affecting its appearance.

Third, nylon has poor ventilation and air permeability and is easy to generate static electricity. Therefore, it is best not to wear underwear made of nylon to prevent harm to the human body.

Fourth, the hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is a better variety in synthetic fiber fabric, so the clothing made of nylon is more comfortable than polyester clothing.

Fifth, nylon has good mothproof and corrosion resistance and is relatively easy to store.

Sixth, nylon does not have good heat and light resistance. The ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 degrees. During wearing and using, the relevant conditions for washing and maintenance must be paid attention to so as not to damage the fabric.

Seventh, nylon fabric is a light fabric, second only to polypropylene fiber and acrylic fiber in synthetic fiber fabric, so it is suitable for making mountaineering clothing and winter clothing.

To understand what kind of fabric nylon is, we have to make a detailed analysis. Nylon fabrics can be divided into three categories: pure spinning, blended spinning and interwoven fabrics. Each category includes many varieties. Nylon pure fabrics are all kinds of fabrics woven from nylon.

Speaking of which, we have no doubt about what nylon is. The birth of nylon is a far-reaching event in our human history, and its continuous renewal has created a better life for us. Nylon is now widely used, not only in the textile industry but also in all walks of life.

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