High Performance V-Belt that exceed all requirements for performance, smooth running and belt speeds.High performance V-Belt, for a given width, offer higher power ratings than conventional V-belts.Premium belts have the highest power density of any V-belt, and stretch dramatically less than standard cross sections.

  High performance V-Belt are the solution to the constant and costly problem of replacing ordinary v-belts on troublesome drives.High performance V-Belt are frequently used individually.These belts are suited for severe duty applications, including shock and high starting loads.

  They consist of several high strength V-Belt joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band offering a tougher more stable solution compared to a single belt.High strength V-Belt combine some of the best features of high strength V-Belt.

  High strength V-Belt are absolutely universal v-belts, and the polished side walls and resultant low-noise and low-vibration running makes them suitable for use in a wide range of applications.it has optimised the construction to provide V-belts that last longer and offer high resistance to wear, even under extreme temperatures.