rubber vulcanizing machine has been a vastly popular application of rubber vulcanizing.Vulcanization box is divided into three zones, each zone with trimmer potentiometer which adjusts the speed of the three zones of vulcanizing box to equilibrium.

  Rubber being a bad conductor of heat, any method of heating rubber relying on the conductivity of it scores a point lower compared to Microwave heating.Our rubber vulcanizing machines are widely popular among processors for the efficiency and control they bring to the process.

  Rubber extrusion production line is process of converting natural rubber or rubber polymers into more durable.Continuous Vulcanization curing process is most common process used for variety of application.Pre-heaters are also effective at taking moisture out of cloth or woven products prior to cross-heading.

  rubber extrusion production line is achieved by heating the natural rubber or rubber polymer at very high temperature along with sulfur or any other agent.The rubber extrusion production line are also equipped with an alarm system providing digital temperature control.