For precision Chinese mechanical parts, the processing is very strict, and the processing procedures include non-feeding and unloading. There are specific requirements for size and accuracy, such as a 1mm floating micrometer. If the size is too large, it will become a scrap. At this time, this is equivalent to reprocessing, which requires time and effort, and sometimes even wastes the entire processed material. This leads to increased costs, and at the same time, these parts are certainly unusable.

For the processing of precision parts, there are mainly dimensional requirements, such as what is the diameter of the cylinder and strict requirements. Positive and negative errors refer to qualified parts within the specified requirements, otherwise they are unqualified parts; there are specific requirements for length, width and height Strict requirements. Positive and negative errors are also specified.

The requirement for machining precision Chinese mechanical parts is actually the most important dimensional issue. We must deal with it strictly according to the attached drawings. The actual dimensions processed will certainly not be exactly the same as the theoretical dimensions of the drawing. All parts are qualified Chinese mechanical parts, so the requirements for the processing of Chinese precision mechanical parts are strictly in accordance with the theoretical dimensions.

The second is advanced precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment. Advanced processing equipment makes the processing of precision parts simpler, higher accuracy and better results. The testing equipment can detect Chinese mechanical parts that do not meet the requirements, so that all products sent to customers can truly meet the requirements.

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