Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is a building material that is deeply loved by consumers. Its manufacturing process requires higher requirements. It not only applies advanced technologies and techniques, but also ensures its strength, lustre and flatness, and at the same time guarantees its corrosion resistance and heat preservation. Let's talk about the application of aluminum honeycomb panel.

1. Aluminum honeycomb panel curtain wall decoration series

Except for specific restrictions, aluminum honeycomb panels do not have standard sizes, and all wallboards are customized by factories according to design drawings. This mode of production gives the panels great flexibility in size and shape, such as curved panels and folded plates. This flexibility is widely used in practical applications because such boards can be installed on almost all keels and are extremely simple to install. The aluminum honeycomb panel system has become a complete, multifunctional and highly competitive panel system. These extremely practical solutions it provides are applicable to almost all types of wall design.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panel building roof series

When selecting metal decorative roof panels for smooth metal roof projects, aluminum honeycomb composite panels can be preferentially selected, so that the characteristics of high bending strength of honeycomb panels can be fully utilized, compared with other metal sheets, the size and amount of reinforced aluminum profiles behind the panels can be appropriately reduced, and the overall smoothness and smoothness of the roof can be ensured, and long-term good effects can be maintained.

3. Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling series

The aluminum honeycomb ceiling system provides rich choices for architects from panel material, shape, installation system to colour and surface treatment, which can display rich ceiling performance effects and has good design freedom. The aluminum honeycomb panel is light in weight, good in toughness, high in strength, good in sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and is an ideal panel choice for ceiling ceilings of large-scale projects; moreover, the aluminum honeycomb panel has diversified installation methods, can be designed for heavy ceilings, and can be maintained by people.

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