Aluminum foil stamping is a machine-based process. The foil mold on which the design was etched was heated and pressed with a high pressure to adhere the thin foil to the substrate. Applying heat and pressure is the core method of delivering the desired results on the substrate.

The mold can be made of brass, magnesium or copper. Although this is an expensive purchase, it can be reused and is therefore worth the initial investment.

Since no foil is used for foil pressing, the color of the foil is not affected by the color of the substrate designed for the application. Light and metallic foils are easy to use on dark paper.

(Hot) foil embossing enables a variety of finishes, allowing you to try out brands and packaging. The amazing results this technology can produce also make it a good solution to stand out from competitors' products.

For other print finish options, you can check out: embossing and embossing, UV dispensing, window repair and soft touch.

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