Plastic Fittings
Plastic fittings are one of the most important requirements for finishing the task of pipeline installation. As the length of pipe is very high, it becomes hard for user to make use of plastic pipe fittings. There are different types of fittings now available for different types of applications. Without using the fittings, it’s not very easy for the installation team to do their task. For some special applications, it is a hard necessity for users to go for the right products. Let’s do a help for you!

PP Compression Fittings
PP compression fittings are made out of high quality materials. So It can able to provide better comfort for people in all aspects. Also, the special feature of PP fittings make them fit for all types of applications. And especially for the industry range of piping solutions. Now amazing range of fittings with perfect quality and dimensions are available. As the reason, it will never cause any type of problem in the system. For some special range of applications, Polypropylene fittings are now available. We have two types of this fittings. One is PN10 PP compression fittings, and other one is PN16 PP compression fittings.

PPR pe fitting
PPR is a new generation of contrustion material. It have no heavy metal additives, and it would not be covered with dirt or contaminated by bacterium. So our PPR pe fittings is environment-friendly very much. That’s why our PPR pipes and fittings can be used for food pipeline and drinking water supply.

Also, PPR material resist chemical matters or electron chemical corrosion. Because this reason, PPR fittings are also used for electronic industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry.
The PPR pipes and fittings is very light, and they are easy to install. Therefore, this material can reduce installation costs by as much as 50% over metal piping system.

PVC Pipe Fittings
PVC pipe fittings is one of plastic fittings. In the past, when customers said that they need plastic fittings, we would think they want to buy PVC fittings. But now, we must ask clients for more details of the products, such as the materials, standard, size, working pressure and connection way. In our product lines, we are supplying the Din standard PVC pipe fittings with rubber ring joint and socket type.

pp quick connect fitting is also one of the products, welcome to your come and purchase!