Tilt and turn windows generally have better air-seals than sliding, single hung or double hung window frames.Tilt and turn windows can be designed to suit your building style.A tilt and turn window is essentially three different window types in one.A tilt and turn window fundamentally opens on two axis: tilting when ventilation needed and turning mainly to provide a means of escape from a room in case of fire.The Tilt and turn window has been a standard window system in Europe for decades.

  For sliding lock we have a vast array of latches, cremones, sliding lock, and handles. That includes sliding locks for metal and vinyl doors.These are considered to be a hidden function that perfectly assists in the closing.These Door Fittings can be customized as per our customers specifications and availed at industrial leading price.The set bracket to contact the stop bracket and control the position of the sliding lock track relative to the frame.The sliding locks with two leaf or three leaf are designed for aluminum door system.