In our daily shopping, we will see the bottle labels on the bottle. When we buy drinks, we need to pay attention to the knowledge on the bottle label. Because the knowledge on these labels can help us to introduce the composition and ingredients of the beverage.

1. Look at the date. Shelf life and production date must be considered. If you buy expired or deteriorated products in supermarkets, you can ask the merchants or manufacturers to claim compensation.

2. Look at the ingredients list. There are too many ingredients and chemical terms in some recipes. Many consumers do not understand what they mean. Don't be afraid at this time. Food additives are not harmful either. Of course, too much food additives will also bring harm to people's health. Therefore, when choosing beverages, the less food additives, the better. The more natural things, the better.

At present, things on the market are also multifarious. Green, pollution-free, organic and all have their own safety signs. In fact, the nutritional value of these beverages is not higher than that of ordinary ones. However, gift-giving is still very dignified. You can choose to eat organic food if you have the conditions. After all, it is relatively safer. The land where organic food is grown has not used pesticides or fertilizers for more than three years.

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