It’s finally getting warmer and just like the shift in the air and growing change outside, we often want a change in the scenery of our interiors too- so should we change out the drapes? Curtain rod wholesale wholesaler will give you answer.

It’s really a personal preference, but doing this twice a year will give you nice variety and a fresh look to prevent that “stale home” look. fresh-look-1Know your lining

Classic drapery, blackout, thermal, and interlining are the main types of window treatment lining. Linings are designed to perform a specific task, so you need to determine what your needs are in your space at certain times of the year. Then you can determine what type of lining you should switch to.

If your living room faces the west:

We suggest going for a classic drapery or blackout lining during Spring/ Summer and swapping to either thermal or interlining during Autumn/ Winter. Classic drapery and blackout can block the bright morning sun, but also blocks the heat and sun in the afternoon as the sun is setting. Lining can often provide sound insulating properties too.

During winter, thermal and interlining can help keep the heat in and reduce electric and gas spending. Both curtains and blinds are capable of making savings of between 11 and 21% in terms of how effective a material is at insulating from heat transfer.fresh-look-2A Fresh Look

It is unrealistic to have the walls painted or buy new furniture every season. If you are someone who appreciates changing your interior regularly, create a fresh look in your home by simply swapping out drapes using the same hardware. This is a quick and easy way to completely change the look and feel of your room. Perhaps in the warmer months you want to lighten up the color and weight of your drape fabric. While using drapes in darker, richer colors and textures will create a cozy comforting space to curl up in on those chilly winter nights. Also remember that updating your home with accessories, such as vases and artwork, is a great way to complete your quick and easy transformation for the season.fresh-look-3Have fun picking out patterns and colors for custom contemporary curtains and experiment with different seasonal looks in your home! Always order free samples online first to see what color combinations work best together in your space. Once you determine your fabrics, you can decide which style of contemporary drapes you will love and the hardware that will fit your décor as well.

To design custom drapes online with confidence and at your own pace, visit our website and follow our step by step easy process. Be sure to visit our Interior Design Community for more interior design tips too.

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