Curtain Pole Manufacturer Gives Some Useful Advice On Choosing Lining
When ordering custom drapes, something to consider is the lining they are made with. Lining not only provides functional benefits, such as extending the life of your drapes, preventing light fading in your room, increasing energy efficiency, and controlling the amount of sunlight entering your room. It also can completely change the look of custom drapes, helping them hang better, look fuller and more luxurious, and impacting the appearance of the face fabric. There is a saying in the custom window treatment industry, “a drape is only as good as the lining on it.” Curtain pole manufacturer suggested that using a high-quality liner is a must for quality custom drapes.

Polycotton is a common lining. It is a blend of cotton and polyester. This material is produced in a way that brings out the best of both fibers.

Although cotton is a go-to material for all-round benefits, pure cotton can wrinkle easily and may shrink after being washed. If untreated for fire retardancy, cotton can burn away easily while polyester would just melt.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is extremely durable; resistant to mildew; excellent at retaining color and holds shape well and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Bringing together the benefits of both materials, polycotton is a strong material that is less prone to wrinkles and can insulate well. This type of lining is perfect for any window, as it can meet most needs.

Blackout and Dim Out Lining

Blackout lining has an extra coating so it can block out the sunlight. It is commonly used in bedrooms to completely block out sunlight. In comparison to PolyCotton lining, blackout lining is made from a thicker material, which means it can help with thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Blackout and dim-out curtains have differing properties and advantages. Dim-out allows for most of the light in a room to be blocked, as opposed to a blackout curtain that completely blocks sunlight.

This lining works for you in every season by either keeping in the heat or keeping it out, depending on the time of year. Save energy and retain warmth inside a room during the colder months with thermal lining. It can block heat from coming in during the warmer weather as well. This lining also can have the added benefits of being blackout and noise reducing.


Interlining is typically a cotton and polyester fleece used as an additional layer of lining. It is perfect for giving curtains a thicker look and it is great for energy efficiency, keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

This type of lining combines the benefits of various linings while adding volume to create a luxurious look. When using fabrics on the thinner side for larger windows, it is beneficial to use an interlining to create a high-quality finish.

There is a lot to take into consideration when selecting lining for your custom contemporary curtains – which direction your windows face, especially where the sun rises and sets, how much light control you need, how energy efficient your windows are, the look you want to create, and so on. The right type of lining can make a big difference in the look and function of your custom drapes. Be sure you are using a quality liner because “a drape is only as good as the lining on it.”

As Curtain rods can be customized to the manufacturer, welcome to your come and purchase!