The Netgear wifi range extender is one of the best and usually does not give any problem while setting up via mywifiext and after that too it is very easy to setup. Sometimes however you may face issues of various kinds while setting it up or sometimes after the configuration as well because of various factors. We shall here discuss in detail some of the factors that play the main role in giving a bad connection or lag.

Outdated Firmware

Many a times in the hectic schedule of our daily lives, we forget to check for any firmware updates of the extender. This can cause much problem in the connection, speed and the functioning of the wifi range extender. Therefore it is very necessary to keep checking for any kinds of firmware updates that might be available for upgradation and keep performing the updates every now and then whenever available.

Devices Jam

There are certain wifi extenders that give a certain speed and wifi range boost with a certain amount of devices connected to it. Some offer much more features and many devices can be connected to it without any kind of connection loss. But yet some can support a particular number of wifi enabled devices and if a lot of devices are connected to it then there occurs a connection lag. This is the cause of dropped connection most of the time. You can either get a different Netgear wifi range extender that supports many more devices and get it configured on or reduce the number of devices connected to the range extender.

Obstacles between the Extender and the Devices

Sometimes the problem may simply be the obstacles or interferences coming in between the device and the extender like thick walls, ceilings, electrical appliances, other networks with the same name etc. This issue can be resolved by just trying to either remove the obstacles away as much as possible or change the location of the extender. These interferences can be very frustrating specially while doing some office work or emailing and a log of connection is the last thing you would wish for. See to it that you remove the obstacles and clear the path for the wifi signals to smoothly transmit all around the house.

Placing the Extender Closer to the Router

When you are facing dropped connections repeatedly you need to check the location of your extender again. Bring the wifi range extender closer to the router so that it can receive a better signal from it. Always remember the range extender must be placed in the middle of the router and the wifi enabled device to get maximum signal boost and fast connectivity. This will help you a lot and you will experience a change in the connection once you move the extender closer to the router. There will be better connection, speed, over-all performance and connectivity.

If the above solutions are not able to solve your issues of dropped connections, then you can try and reset your extender by pressing the reset button on the side of it. Set it up again and then place it at the best spot. If this fails too then call on the toll free number 1-855-777-7456 and get the exact guidance that you require for your ranger extender issues.