If you want to download and install Webroot antivirus on your personal computer or other electronic devices to secure it, you must create an account first and then access Webroot login. Here are easy steps to create a new account, read and follow the instructions carefully. 

Step 1: To visit the login page, type ‘my webroot anywhere com’ in the search bar and hit the ‘Enter’ key 

Step 2: You will be directly shown the option of ‘Login’, avoid the option of ‘Login’ and click on ‘Create Account’ just beside it 

Step 3: Under the ‘Create Account’, you will be asked to fill up the blanks with required details such as 

  1. Webroot Product keycode -  Whether you have bought the Webroot product from a retail shop or ordered the product online, on the backside of the package there will be a ‘Product Key’, note the code and enter it here. 
  2. Email Address - Provide any email address amongst your multiple email accounts, which you want to associate with Webroot antivirus security services. 
  3. Repeat Email Address - Re-enter the same address to confirm 
  4. Password - Create a Strong password of at least nine characters including 6 alphabetic, 3 numeric characters, and one special character 
  5. Repeat Password - Re-enter the same password to confirm your choice 
  6. Personal Security Code -  This is required in the future for security purposes, enter a memorable code of at least 6 characters including < or > symbols. 
  7. Security Question - Once you touch this option the list of questions drop-down, select one among the given choice 
  8. Security Answer - Provide a correct answer to the question you chose in the prior tab 


Step 4: Once, you fill the Webroot Sign Up form duly, click on the ‘Register Now’ button and your account will be created. To sign in to the same account, read below. 

Access Webroot Errors

Want to make new changes in your account or extend/ reduce the validity of your existing subscription? Follow the below-mentioned steps and login to your Webroot account. 

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox or any other internet explorer and visit the Webroot login page 

Step 2: Under the ‘Login’ option, enter the correct webroot anywhere login credentials 

  • Email Address Or Phone Number
  • Password


Step 3: Now, click on the very next tab that is ‘Login’ and you will be signed in to your Webroot account and ready for making any kind of changes you want.

What Are Webroot Login Errors 

Below are some of the most frequent Webroot login errors that you may often face while trying to log in to your Webroot account.

  1. Webroot account is blocked due to inactivity 
  2. Webroot login procedure cannot be finished 
  3. Cannot access Webroot login on mobile phones 
  4. Webroot password is showing incorrect even when it is correctly entered 
  5. Webroot account is not recognized by the server 
  6. Sorry! Your Webroot account has been collapsed due to unknown reasons


There are many another random webroot secure anywhere login issues that are not mentioned in the prior list. The good thing about facing these errors is you can fix such errors in no time if guided in the right direction. 

How To Solve Webroot Login Failed Issue?

Here are some of the tips that may help you in getting rid of webroot secure anywhere login issues.

  1. If you are a Webroot application user, read the below-mentioned solution

If you have been trying to access Webroot login on your mobile phone via the application of Webroot and keep on receiving ‘Webroot login failed’ messages then, it is possible that the application is not active anymore. Uninstall whichever installed version you are using on the mobile device and go to the ‘Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ to install the latest version of Webroot SecureAnywhere Full Mobile App and try logging in to your account. 

  1. If you are facing issues while logging through the web browser

The internet browser you are using for the Webroot login process must be clogged with unwanted cookies and caches. Go to the ‘History’ section and delete the older records. Along with this, remove the caches and cookies from the browser and update the latest version for smoother use. 

  1. If you are facing issues due to incorrect credentials

At times, the users forgot their Webroot login passwords and cannot log in to their respective accounts. Here is the best solution for all those troubled users. Follow the below-mentioned steps and recover your Webroot account. 

Step 1: Visit the Webroot login page and under the ‘Login’ section, provide your Webroot email address 

Step 2: In the parallel of the ‘Password’ option, there is another option of ‘Forgot Password’, click on it.

Step 3: Now, you will see the following question,

Which would you like to reset? 

  • I forgot my Password 
  • I forgot my Security Code 

Step 4: Click on ‘I forgot my password’ 

Step 5: Under the ‘Please complete the details below’, fill the details duly 

  • Email Address 
  • Phone Number 

Step 6 Click on the ‘Submit’ tab

Step 7: Select the ‘Security Question’ and enter the correct ‘Answer’ to it 

Step 8: Click on ‘Continue’

Step 9: On entering the correct answer, you will be drawn to the ‘Reset Password’ page 

Step 10: Enter a ‘Password’ and re-enter to confirm. At last, click on ‘Submit’. 

Once you are done with the steps, you will be good to go, now provide your new login credentials and sign in to your Webroot account. 

It is assumed that all the methods, tips, and information help you in every way. In any case, if you have failed in attempting any of the aforementioned steps, inform us. Our customer service is at your door 24*7.