The fire-proof panel is also called a fire-resistant panel. It is made of surface paper, colour paper and multi-layer kraft paper. Its base material is particleboard. The surface paper and coloured paper are impregnated with melamine resin components, dried and laminated together, and made by high temperature and high pressure in a hot press. The fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance and the like, has small pores on the surface, is not easy to be polluted, has physical properties such as solvent resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance and the like, has good insulation and arc resistance, and is not easy to age. The fire-resistant aluminum composite panel can be used in many places, such as countertops, furniture surfaces, stair treads, etc. As long as the fire prevention plate and the plate are tightly pressed together.

When selecting a fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, it can be processed by the manufacturer according to the required size and color requirements. Because it is facing, the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel can be handled very flexibly, so there will be many colours, allowing owners a lot of choice space. Compared with traditional materials such as stone and wood panel, fire-proof panel is a machine-made product, so its performance is more stable, and no problems such as discolouration, crack and water permeability will occur.

The fire-resistant aluminum composite panel has good surface gloss and transparency, can well restore colours and patterns, has extremely high simulation, and also has the following advantages.

Thermal insulation (thermal conductivity: 0.11): Its thermal insulation performance is 6 times that of glass, 3 times that of clay and 10 times that of ordinary concrete.

Fire resistance and flame retardance (the fire resistance of wall plates can reach 4 hours): no harmful gas will be generated at high temperature and its thermal conductivity coefficient is very small, which makes the heat transfer slow, can effectively resist fire and protect its structure from fire.

Machinable: sawable, drillable, grindable and nailable, which can more easily reflect the design intent.

Sound absorption, sound insulation: the different thickness of fire-resistant aluminum composite panel can reduce 30 ~ 50 decibels of noise.

Then, someone will surely ask again, how to choose the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel?

Poor-quality fire-proof panels generally have the following characteristics: uneven colour, easy cracking and explosion, simple colour, poor heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and poor wear resistance. When purchasing fire-proof panels, care should also be taken not to be deceived by some unscrupulous merchants, and melamine panels (commonly known as double-faced panels) should be used instead of fire-proof panels. The melamine panel is a once-formed panel, which is formed by soaking paper printed with colour or imitation wood grain in melamine transparent resin and sticking it on the surface of the base material for hot pressing.

Generally speaking, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel is better than that of the melamine panel, and the price of the melamine panel is lower than that of the fire-proof panel. The thickness, structure and performance of the two are different, therefore, the two cannot replace each other.

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