Baby's sleep quality needs special attention. If you want your baby to sleep well, parents should choose the right mattress to make the baby sleep more comfortable. So what kind of material is good for baby mattress? Parents should pay attention to the following points in the choice of materials.

1.How the fabric of the mattress is, and the baby's skin is delicate. Baby mattress fabrics are most in contact with children's skin. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must first look at the fabric of the mattress. Children's resistance is poor, and accidental can cause allergies. To purchase children's mattresses, try to choose cotton fabrics, memory cotton and other environmentally friendly non-additive chemical cotton fabrics, soft cotton fabrics, which help children sleep and improve children's sleep comfort.

2.Whether the baby mattress fabric is water permeable and breathable, which has a certain impact on children's health. Children's physique is too hot and even lead to heat injury. The purchase of children's mattresses should be investigated for their breathability. In order to avoid the occurrence of children's bedwetting, it is better to choose a children's mattress that can be washed and washed. The mattress that is most suitable for children is a children's latex mattress. The latex mattress is breathable and has a washable and washable function to meet the needs of children.

3.The size of the mattress. The child is relatively moving, too small or too thin is not suitable. Generally, it is best about 50cm. It is best to have a guardrail to prevent children from falling and falling out of bed during sleep. The width should be wide enough to accommodate children's flipping, generally about 2m. The edge of the mattress should be chosen to be round and soft, in case the child falls and bumps into the injury during running.

4.The mattress should be moderately soft and hard. It is best not to choose a mattress that is too hard. Children under 3-4 years old are suitable for use with a micro-hard mattress, which is generally made up of coir mattress made from coconut palm. 3-4 years old or older can be determined according to body size and weight. Generally, mattresses made of coconut palm and high resilience sponge, memory cotton or artificial wool are selected. The coconut palm material is environmentally friendly, the sponge texture is soft, and the resilience is strong, and it is not easy to be deformed after being durable.

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