In the field of production, ECCA Wire needs to be used in many places, because more and more electrical appliances are used in industrial production, and the use requirements for these ECCA wire have become higher. In the process of laying ECCA wire, many workers piled up these ECCA wire directly to save trouble. This is wrong, because the ECCA wire will generate heat during use, and stacking ECCA wire in this way will definitely affect our use. Let's look at the places that need our attention when stacking ECCA wire.

When multiple ECCA wire is stacked side by side without gaps, when one of the ECCA wire fails, one or more adjacent ECCA wire may be jointly burned, causing the spread and expansion of the accident, and at the same time causing the occurrence of the thermal breakdown accident.

Therefore, when we store ECCA wire, we still need to stack them according to the requirements. Some large-scale projects use more ECCA wire and have more requirements for our use. We hope that when stacking ECCA wire, we will try not to stack them together and store them according to the requirements of equipment use. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of ECCA wire, give full play to the maximum use effect of ECCA wire and prolong the service life of ECCA wire.

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