Nibav lifts introduce the lifts for homes and is now the most craved elevator models among the people of India. The mission of Pneumatic vacuum lifts of Nibav lifts is awe-inspiring. They are in the market to design home elevators and make them available in affordable prices for the households in our country.


  • The elevator models designed by Nibav lifts are air driven. They use air as the principal source for the operation of their elevators. Their pneumatic elevators are thus simple but effective in making people travel along the floors using vaccum.
  • These pneumatic elevators are designed with 90- or 180-degree door opening model which allows them to enter and exit effortlessly.

Safety comes as a priority in installing a technology inside our home. Apart from the other features of elegancy, affordable and compatible being safe to carry our households is the major expectation of any customer.

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