wpc foam board is a material commonly used for screen and digital printing, advertising, insulation and a variety of applications in corrosive environments because of its strong yet lightweight properties. This material is also utilized in construction applications due to its versatility, flexibility and chemical and fire resistance. Many manufacturers of signs and displays consider this material to be an asset because of its smooth and uniform surface and lightweight property.

1. Water Resistance: Wpc foam boards have solid resistance to water due to its composition. When it comes in contact with water, it does not swell or lose its composition. This makes is fit for all types of weather.

2. Corrosion Resistance: When brought in contact with chemicals, PVC doesn’t react. This keeps its state intact and saves it from any kind of deformation.

3. Fire Resistance: Wpc foam boards can be used anywhere as they are fire resistant. There is no effect of acid, heat or light on it.

4. High Strength & Durability: Due to the structure of its component molecules, Wpc foam boards are highly strong which ensures that they don’t undergo any deformation. The boards can survive for as long as 4 decades without any damage.

5. Easily shaped and painted: WPC can be given any shape to suit your requirements. It can be cut for the furniture of your house or can be made into wall panels for exterior use. Also, it can be painted with any type of paint which lasts for years and gives the look and feel as if it is new!

6. Pocket-friendly: They are a good substitute for wood or aluminium and they come in a variety of price range. They don’t require any extra maintenance and stay in the same state for quite a long time. No special equipment is required to cut or drill them and this makes them pocket-friendly to use.

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