With China's social and economic progress and the continuous acceleration of urbanization process, many rural population in our country have poured into cities. This situation has accelerated the pace of urban construction in our country, but at the same time it has also made the rural youth population less and less. The rest are basically the elderly and children. Therefore, the vegetable planting area in the countryside is gradually decreasing, but at the same time, many young entrepreneurs have returned to the countryside to start large-scale contracted land to grow cash crops and various vegetables.  Therefore, the introduction of scientific and technological methods and equipment is an inevitable choice, and the automatic Vegetable Planter has become the choice of more and more people.

At present, the vegetable planting in our country is divided into greenhouse planting and field planting. Greenhouse planting belongs to facility agriculture, and the whole-process mechanized products it uses are quite different from field planting.  Greenhouse planting generally uses miniaturized and intensive machines. The following small series will introduce the basic process of mechanized vegetable planting.  Under normal circumstances, the full mechanization of vegetable planting in the field mainly includes the following links:

  1. Land consolidation: mainly includes stone clearing, soil improvement, disinfection, ridging, etc.
  2. Pre-planting preparation: mainly including application of base fertilizer, rotary tillage and soil breaking, ridging and film laying.
  3. Direct seeding or transplanting: seed treatment, coating, pelleting and seedling raising.
  4. intertillage and ridging: weeding, fertilizing, thinning seedlings, topping, pinching tips, thinning leaves, etc.
  5. Field management: spraying and fertilizing.
  6. Harvesting: harvesting, harvesting, digging, screening, cleaning, grading, packaging, storage and transportation.
  7. Post-harvest treatment: returning farmland, crushing, etc.

In fact, in vegetable planting and production, if you want to transplant or harvest with a machine, you must use a laser grader. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency, two or more rows of ridging machines will be used for planting some leafy vegetables in the field to improve the consistency of ridges, increase the thickness of soil layer, improve soil permeability and surface temperature, promote the germination of seeds and the growth of seedlings, ensure that the soil blocks are fine and coarse, and finally make the broken soil ridging machine easier to plant vegetables.