High Performance V-Belt structure is easy to manufacture, tensile strength is generally low, is widely used.Some vehicles have multiple camshafts, and some vehicles also have other components that are driven by the high performance V-Belt.And it could cause severe engine damage.Most of the core wires with the common high performance V-Belt use a core and a small amount of thread.

  Simple structure, manufacturing installation accuracy is not high, easy to use and maintain.It is suitable for the occasions with larger center distance between two axes.The selection work should be done through measurements, and the identification of the manufacturer code or other marks.Premature worn-out of the high strength V-Belt is usually by improper installation or maintenance.

  As a brand product,“Baihua” rubber high strength V-Belt produced by us has the same level as the domestic high quality brand with good value for money.The high strength V-Belt should never be bent with the beads inside, to protect the beads and stitching please keep the beads facing out.The High strength V-Belt are product friendly and prevent damaging the flowers.