For 30 years, we have been focusing on the production of rubber oil resistance V-Belt, with an annual output of 4000 meters of various types of oil resistance V-Belt.Oil resistance V-Belt special core structure, good toughness, high strength, suitable for high-speed applications.The fibers are sheared between the fibers during belt operation, resulting in a gradual elongation of the core.

  In case of overload, the high temperature resistance V-Belt will slide on the pulley to prevent the damage of weak parts and play a role of safety protection.The slots on the belt pulley should be in good condition, without any abrasion or notch.Because these two types of core structures are interwoven or braided.Before the installation of the driving belt, correct collimation should be done between the axis and the belt pulley.

  If the position is not a metallic part, please fit the secure bolt into the round terminal of metallic wire.Fasten the mounting base of this product onto the desire installation position.We find the belts run a bit small.Our high temperature resistance V-Belt have entered into the international market and exported to international marketing such as Russia, Singapore, Nigeria, North Korea, etc.