The curtain fabric you select can make a difference in the overall ambiance of your room. Whether you select a fabric that is sheer or insulated, dark coloured or light, you’ll notice a grand difference in each room. Altogether, the curtain fabric is an excellent place to start when it comes to selecting the curtains for your home. You can shop a variety of fabrics for your curtains online here. Then Curtain pole manufacturer would like to introduce it to you.

There are six different types of curtain fabrics: Block Stripe, Contemporary Textured, Jacquard Scroll, Modern Leaf Jacquard, Natural Linen Look, and Shantung Faux Silk Look.

Block Stripe

These modern styled curtains offer the perfect touch of style to a room. Alternating between different coloured bold stripes, these curtains ensure privacy with an internal statement. We don’t offer this Toronto Block Stripe style quite yet, but we’re very excited that it’s coming soon!

Contemporary Textured

This curtain material is comprised of subtle, textured lines to add a touch of design to a traditional curtain. We offer two different styles of contemporary textured curtains: Sorrento and Westwood. Both styles are blockout fabric, meaning it is the perfect choice for a room meant to stay dark.

Jacquard Scroll

If you’re looking for a curtain fabric that adds an elegant touch to your room, then look no further than the Adelaide or Melbourne styled Jacquard Scroll curtain fabric. These styles have a detailed pattern stitched into the fabric that matches the curtain colour.

Modern Leaf Jacquard

The difference between the traditional Jacquard Scroll and the Modern Leaf Jacquard is the clarity of the design stitched into the curtain fabric. The traditional scroll is bold while the modern design is simple and light, adding a touch of detail to a close eye.

Natural Linen Look

The natural curtain is a traditional curtain look for a simple room. These come in a variety of ready-made sizes and colours and are traditionally fitted as pencil pleat. A great feature of natural linen curtains is its thermal quality, making this fabric great for insulation. Our natural linen curtain fabric is provided by Hampton.

Shantung Faux Silk Look

Finally is the Shantung Faux Silk Look, an elegant choice for a soft curtain look that still adds a bold touch to the room as a whole. If you’re looking for a curtain fabric that looks extravagantly beautiful but doesn’t break the bank, then this is the curtain material for you.

As Curtain rods can be customized to the manufacturer,welcome to your come and purchase!