rubber curing oven has been a vastly popular application of Microwave Heating.A vast array of products is made with vulcanized rubber including tires, automotive weather strips, sealings, shoe soles, hoses, and hockey pucks.The rubber curing oven within a material subjected to an electric field is primarily dependant on the dielectric loss properties of the material itself.

  rubber curing oven is divided into three zones, each zone with trimmer potentiometer which adjusts the speed of the three zones of rubber curing oven to equilibrium.As better quality control, optimization of materials in the mix design, and high-performance concrete are specified for salt bath curing line.

  Often people need cavities to be taller than a standard off the shelf microwave.We can help reduce total production costs by reducing on-hand inventory requirements and increasing final yields. Improves greatly productivity and also provides comfortable work place by environmentally friendly salt bath curing line.