Water Filters Manufacturer remind you to carry out flushing strictly according to the following process before initial use, otherwise it will affect the performance of the water filter and the quality of water produced in the early stage.

Before the first application, the water filter shall be flushed to flush out the maintenance liquid in the water filter. The method is as follows:

1. Turn over the tap water faucet, tap water inlet ball valve and purification faucet, and flush for 15 minutes until the water production Ming Che stops without foam. Frequent switch of tap water faucet (3 seconds off and 10 seconds on) in the scouring process will make the water flow form pulsating impact, which will make the scouring effect better.

2. Close the blowdown faucet, turn on the purification faucet, and make water for 5 minutes before normal use.

Daily use:

1. Regular flushing: In the process of daily use of tap water to collect water, the water filter is also flushed. It is suggested that after purified water is collected, the tap water tap should be opened for flushing, and the trapped pollutants should be washed away in time. The higher water flux of the water filter should be adhered to so as to extend the service life of the filter.

2. Anti-scouring rehabilitation water yield: If the water yield of the water filter is relatively small after downstream scouring, then anti-scouring of the water filter can be considered.

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