Triangle support, with anti-slip foot cover, the stand is super stable and ensures lighting safety.Flip on the light switch to send power to your lawn lamp and stand out of the way of the motion sensor. When floodlighting a house, lawn lamp are placed low in the landscape and directed up at your house.They cast a wide beam to offer a wash of lawn lamp that highlights the architectural features of your home.

  Lawn lamp is the led lighting equipment complete with three convenient, energy-saving and flux.This easy to install lawn lamp not only accents beautiful areas of your garden at night but also adds protection to your home by illuminating darker areas around the home.Having an lawn lamp help you get rid of cumbersome wire connection in your workshop.

  We are highbay light manufacturer.Fixtures feature adjustable mounting brackets, allowing you to focus light output with precision.Some sports grounds which do not have permanent highbay light installed may make use of portable temporary ones instead.The main advantages of highbay light in this application are their lower power consumption, longer life, and instant start-up.We are highbay light manufacturer.