It was not literally the very first thing he did. Turael was talked to by him. And there were definite"I" icons, which are commonly known OSRS gold in games (and websites and programs ) to have advice if they're clicked or hovered over. The wardrobe interface had information that he immediately closed and didn't bother to read.You're right its not necessarily the first thing that they see. Nevertheless, they didn't spend the first 10 mins off island trying to navigate MTX so its one of the things that they did. That is bad though and still confusing?

I'm convinced a large amount of RS Runescape players have not really experience too many MMORPG's since MTX is right from the gate/after tutorials. I'll admit they do need to do a better job of trickle feeding, and its look. Hide it menus, and push Solomons store a little more. their decorative store front and centre from the menus or as pop ups. I also think they need to follow other MMO's concept of GIVING the Runescape player lesser things from TH, such as small prismatic stars(put in a tool tip stating exactly what it does, and how to acquire more when hovering over it) that way they can find an notion of what they're gont be spending for when they want another celebrity in the long run.

They have to do a better job of leading people! Right on mind BS that you likely gont close. Right off the bat simply to get a flavor of what there is to offer you. The entire"This one's on the house" method of introducing MTX will continue better in the future with fresh Runescape players that I believe. With both keys that are.

Well they do give you a key or 2 when you are a member. However, I feel the overlap between people who play mmo's is large and who play games that are mobile. So I am curious the way Jagex goes with this. Mobile games are sort of a different beast that make the men and women to buy RuneScape gold who are able to afford it sense just great enough they are willing to blindly invest the money very quickly and they either continue and spend more or leave.I'm aware of the 2 free keys I said, but they should plop one in the brand new Runescape players inventory as a means to lure them into Treasure Hunter rather than hammering it right in front of their face right from the beginning. Are about how the total MTX thing is. IMO this could he a better approach.