With the progress of science and technology, functional fabrics are becoming more and more popular in the market and there are more and more kinds.

Today we will briefly talk about the development trend of functional fabrics.

1. Functionality and high technology

With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, people's requirements for textiles have gradually expanded from softness and comfort, moisture absorption and ventilation, wind and rain prevention to the functional and environmental protection aspects such as mildew prevention, moth prevention, deodorization, ultraviolet resistance, radiation prevention, flame retardance, antistatic, health care and non-toxicity, etc. The development and application of various new fabrics and the development of new technologies and technologies have gradually made these requirements come true.

2. UV-resistant home textile fabrics

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human body. If people irradiate ultraviolet rays for a long time, dermatitis, pigmentation, accelerated skin aging and even canceration will occur. If the textiles can be made into anti-ultraviolet textiles, the harm to human body will be greatly reduced.

3. Pattern

At present, the widely popular fabric patterns are processed by jacquard, printing, embroidery, flower planting, embossing, flower cutting, burnt-out, roasted, spray-painted, applique, ground flower and other processes.

4. Antistatic home textile fabrics

People hope that textiles can have antistatic property, that is, the textiles themselves can eliminate static electricity. At present, there are two kinds of antistatic methods: one is to carry out antistatic finishing on the fabric. In the finishing, an antistatic finishing agent is used to introduce a hydrophilic film on the surface of the fiber, which can improve the hygroscopicity of the fabric and reduce the friction coefficient and surface specific resistance; Second, the fibers are first made into conductive fibers, and then the conductive fibers are woven into fabrics. Antistatic fabrics have been well applied in home textile products such as bedding and curtains.

5. Antibacterial home textile fabrics

Textile fabrics with antibacterial function play an extremely important role in preventing the invasion of germs. Daily necessities made of antibacterial functional textile fabrics have gradually attracted people's attention, and with the development of science and technology, they are widely and deeply radiated into the details of life.

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