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Sometimes it is better to hire a pest control professional  rather than trying to do it yourself . This is especially true if the pest problem is ongoing, if the infestation has become large or if the products required for control are only authorized for use by certified professionals. When you need to hire a professional, keep the following 12 main considerations in mind:

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The technician

Before allowing the pest control provider to enter your home, ask to see their identification, license and certification, and check that it is current. Almost every state requires technicians to be certified and participate in annual training to maintain the current license.

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The company

Is the company linked and insured? This can be important both to protect your property and to protect you from liability. Visit the company's website. Sound professional? Is he informed? Do its values ​​match yours?

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The technician or sales representative should be sufficiently experienced to answer pest control questions. There may be a question or two he doesn't know by heart and if so, he should be willing to say he'll find out and let you know. It is better to listen to an honest "I don't know, but I'll find out" rather than getting a wrong or invented answer.

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Professional appearance

When the technician comes to your house, their uniform and overall appearance must be clean and professional. The truck, equipment and chemicals should also provide a feeling of safe professionalism.

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Before calling pest control company, , ask friends and neighbors for contact persons. Contact the state pest control association or visit for a list of state suppliers. It is always advisable to check any company with the Better Business Bureau ( If you have not received personal advice, you may ask the supplier for references and follow up on the calls to the customers provided.

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The lowest price is not always the best offer. If a company says it will solve your problem in a service for $ X, and your problem still exists after paying for that service, you have not saved money. Instead, you will probably need to start over with another service provider and end up paying a lot more than if you had chosen quality over price the first time.

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To contract

If you are hiring a company for the ongoing pest control service in Faridabad, discuss the options with the technician or sales representative. Will the quarterly service take care of the problem? Or do you need a monthly service? Perhaps you will start with a monthly, or more frequent, service to eliminate the problem, so perform less frequent maintenance once it is resolved. Make sure you read the agreement carefully, understand all the fine print and ask questions before signing the line.

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Before attempting any service, the technician should speak with you to discuss exactly what the problem is, find out where and what you have seen or heard, and ask questions to make sure you fully understand the pest problem. Following this discussion, the pest control technician should inspect your home or building through a professional eye, identify the pest or pests and set up a treatment plan.

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Chemical substances

In many cases, the technician will use chemicals for elimination, but should be willing to discuss the chemicals he expects to use, any side effects and any non-chemical options. All chemical containers must be labeled and look clean and professional. Upon request, the technician should be able to provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) and the sample label for each chemical used.

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After completing the service, the technician must provide a report detailing the service performed, any follow-up action needed and any customer advice. The report should also detail the costs of the service.

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At some point during the service, the technician should make recommendations for future prevention. Depending on the service that you are running, it is possible that this happens before, during or after the service. For example, if the inspection reveals a potential pest containment area, the technician should inform you and advise you of immediate cleaning. If a structural problem is detected, the technician can wait until the end and recommend maintenance, such as replacing the screen or repairing the holes.

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Many pest control companies offer guarantees, albeit as simple as "Satisfaction guaranteed". Be sure to also read the fine print of this, know what your responsibilities are and how to invoke the warranty if necessary.