As the world is advancing more quickly than ever, the health of the people is taking a heavy toll. Obesity and slow metabolism rate have become a common issue worldwide, and the modern lifestyle is to be blamed for it.

Although extensive workout and a healthy diet might be your first guess to attain better health, there is an even better alternative. Everyone loves beverages, and routinely consuming green tea can solve the majority of your health issues. The beverage is not merely healthy but also offers diverse flavours to suit your taste. Cholesterol control and metabolism boost are only the tip of green tea benefits, as the beverage holds countless many more advantages.

Drinking CHINA GREEN TEA undoubtedly serves excellent benefits, but the advantages differ according to consumption timing. If you want to lose weight and increase your immunity, then drinking green tea right before sleeping is the ideal time.

If you intake green tea before an intense workout, then it can reduce the chances of muscle injuries and soreness. On the counter-side, you should refrain from drinking green tea right after a meal. It can decrease nutrients benefits, so consuming green tea 25-20 minutes before a meal is ideal.

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