We are the Bucket Mould maker, and we can manufacture many bucket mould and we can promise our quality.When we think about the bucket mould, especially the paint bucket, the first thing we will worry about the thickness of the bucket, is it same or not.It needs good cooling system. Sometimes ,we suggest to add beryllium copper on the bucket mould.

  The lock height of the paint bucket mould: In general, the lock height of the paint bucket mould is 20%-30% than the plastic bucket.This problem is very common, so, when making the paint bucket mould, this is what we solve first.Centre Mould is professional in paint bucket mould, pail moulds and barrel moulds.

  We insist on the principle of "satisfying customers' demands and realizing the idea with professional solutions".The main problems that may easily occur will through trial and error during the mold structure design.Smaller barral mould is 20% and bigger paint bucket mould should be about 30% height.And I think we are good Paint Bucket Mould maker, because we have professional technical team and precision equipment.