The safety equipment used by Lumberjack Log Splitter is always essential.  Since logging and using chainsaws are dangerous activities, it is really necessary to ensure that you are properly protected and follow certain safety precautions.

> safety glasses help prevent dust and debris from entering the eyes when working.

> using the recorder's helmet can protect your head and face from falling objects (such as branches and other debris)

> some people also like to use the face screen to provide additional protection for the face and eyes.

> when using a chain saw, the teeth of the chain saw (kevlar) are very important and should be convenient to use.  If you drop the barbell to yourself or the whole equipment, they can avoid major accidents and save your legs and feet.

Sawtooth wedges are very useful because they help prevent the saw from being caught and clamped during cutting.  Estimate the space you need and where the trees will actually fall after logging.  You can use the "Axe Handle Skill".

Clear the estimated logging area so that no matter where your trees fall, they will not crush or damage vehicles, houses, animals or other people.  You should ensure that a certain clearance area has been set aside for the estimated cutting direction and there are two alternate escape routes on each side (forming an upside-down triangle).  If you are responsible for cutting down trees, please make sure it is not an inclined tree, there are no withered branches that will fall and hurt you, and there are no obstacles such as houses, wires, fences, etc.  If so, please call a professional to complete the work for you.

Knowing how to cut a suitable hole in the tree is also a convenient skill.  What is the rule of thumb?  After Petrol Log Splitter was used, the depth of the incision was made to be 1/5 of the diameter of the trunk.  By making appropriate cuts, you should be able to help guide the tree into the direction you want.  You can mark where you want to carve it with chalk, or you can mark the bark with a chain saw.