Cold washing of Seed Planter usually uses kerosene, gasoline and diesel oil as cleaning agents, and these parts are placed in oil pans with filter screens.  Clean the oil stains with a wire brush, and then the oil stains sink to the bottom of the pool through a screen.  After cleaning, the parts can be dried in the air.  However, please note that if grease and dirt are cleaned, a small amount of gasoline should be used for cleaning.  Oil-based cleaners cannot be used for oil stains on rubber and leather parts that are not resistant to oil.  In order to save oil and obtain good cleaning performance, it is necessary to clean parts with cleaner, smoother and smaller surfaces first, and then clean larger and heavier oiling parts.  Oil can also be contained in several oil basins and divided into several steps: primary washing, secondary washing and fine washing.  The washed oil can be used not only for primary washing but also after precipitation to achieve the purpose of saving oil.

After heating with alkali and emulsifier solution, we can clean the seed planter.  Since engine oil, gear oil, etc. cannot be dissolved in alkaline solution and will form emulsion, it is necessary to add emulsifier (sodium silicate, soap, etc.) to alkaline solution.  The function of emulsifier is to penetrate into the oil layer, weaken the binding force between oil and metal, and break and separate the oil film.  The solution is heated to 70-80.d egree. C. and a portion is immersed in the solution.  After cleaning the parts, rinse with 60-80 degree water and dry.  The common solution formula for removing oil stains from steel and cast iron parts is: caustic soda 0.75%, sodium carbonate 5%, trisodium phosphate 1%, soap 0.15%, and the rest is water.  For cleaning aluminum parts, caustic soda solution should not be used, but sodium carbonate solution should be used.

You can also use metal cleaner to clean the seed planter.  In recent years, metal cleaners have been well used.  It can replace diesel, kerosene and gasoline to clean parts and is cheap to use.  It can clean metal without rust spots.  Metal cleaning agents are classified as acidic, alkaline, neutral and solvent-based.  For example, acidic metal cleaners are commonly used to remove oil from stainless steel surface treatment machines.  At normal temperature, the oil removal ability is good.  Alkaline metal cleaners require high temperature cleaning and have poor cleaning ability at room temperature.  In the process of using metal cleaner, please pay attention to the types and properties of dust on parts, grasp the concentration and temperature of cleaner, and clean according to the instructions.