Oil and heat resistant hard-wired V-Belt envelope protects the belt’s inner components against dirt, oil, and heat.Perfect for drummers, keyboardists, small stages, and other performance situations where using wireless in-ear monitors isn't the best solution.It is also available as a hard-wired V-Belt with cardioid and hypercardioid caps.

  High density polyester tension members treated for fatigue and elongation resistance minimize maintenance costs.A squealing noise is indicative of a problem, but might not require replacement of the hard-wired V-Belt.I used to use an ethernet over coax setup in my house to directly connect my router to my triangular belts.

  The mix of instruments and vocals will be done at the console. You'll have overall volume control at your amp.The impregnated fabric provides lateral stability while permitting axial flexibility for operating around small triangular belts.There's a squeal emanating from underneath your triangular belts—and it doesn't sound good.