High performance v-belt's indestructible, with its high impact resistant polyamide housing, unbreakable polycarbonate hardclear-coated lens, and stout mounting system.High Performance V-Belt, optimizing the alternator's casing for superior polishing and chrome plating.And the quality is impressive especially considering the cost.

  Overheated high performance v-belt threaten the whole motion system — they can become brittle, crack, and ultimately fail, often without warning. Their reduced flexibility also decreases drive efficiency.After incorrect tensioning, faulty drive alignment is the second most significant cause of failure in high strength v-belt drives.

  Both high strength v-belt and synchronous belts perform optimally with a tension appropriate for the load to be carried.Because it fully encircles the waist but it also can hold more.Good installation practices require drive alignment and proper High strength V-Belt tension setting.