Ordinary people often get sick, probably due to improper diet, especially if water pollution is serious, it can bring all kinds of harm to people's bodies. For this reason, many people now buy purified water to drink, but the water used in the kitchen and toilet is tap water. In order to make the water in the kitchen and toilet pure, there are related products of Tap Filter & Shower Filter on the market, which can achieve the effect of purifying water as long as they are installed on the faucet. Now let's introduce this kind of product.

The tap filter & shower filter refer to small water purification devices that can be directly installed on household faucets. They mainly use activated carbon, PP cotton, and other products with water purification effects to filter tap water to provide sufficient water purification effects for household water. The main functions of the tap filter & shower filter are:

1. Filter clean water. The tap filter & shower filter can remove bacteria, heavy metals, residual chlorine, harmful substances, rust, peculiar smell and even silt from tap water, enabling people to use cleaner water sources.

2. Neutralize the pH of water. Water is neutral, and the water suitable for the human body is weakly alkaline water, but tap water is slightly acidic after being treated, which has a certain hindering effect on human health. The pH value of water quality can be effectively adjusted with the help of the tap filter & shower filter.

3. Remove peculiar smell. Activated carbon filter elements are arranged in tap filter & shower filter, which can effectively remove various peculiar smells in tap water, make the water sweeter, increase trace elements needed by human bodies, and enable people to obtain more nutritious components.

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