Our finished bath with my special shower curtain rodIn our tiny guest house project, I mentioned that I made a shower curtain rod from electrical conduit for a great industrial feel.

Not only did this give a cool style to the bathroom, but it is extremely affordable (under $25!) and can be shaped to any odd sized shower enclosure.

Really, this project can be used for any kind of curtain rod. it’s not just for showers. Let your imagination run free!

And the best part? Anyone can do this! Here’s how I did it:

The Materials
Galvanized electrical conduit (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, etc. I used 3/4″)
Conduit bender (available in matching sizes to the conduit)
2 female pipe fittings
2 conduit adapters
Screws/anchors to attach the assembly to the wall
Hack saw

The most expensive part is the conduit bender which can run about $50. However, if you don’t need to bend your conduit like I did for the neo-angle shower, then you can skip this item and step.
Honestly, I didn’t need the bender for anything other than this little project. So, I bent the conduit and then returned it to the store. (I know, I’m that guy!)

Step 1 Cut Your Conduit
Cut your conduit to length using the hack saw. Take into account the length that the adapter and pipe fittings will add. To figure this out, you’ll have to do a little dry fit.

Step 2 Bend The Metalshower curtain 1
This is where you get to feel like Superman! Use the bender to shape the conduit into whatever shape you need. This one is a bit of trial and error if you are trying to match an exact angle like I was. Just keep bending till it’s perfect.

Step 3 Attach the Fittings
Attach the compression fittings, and then screw the whole assembly into the pipe fittings. Once the whole thing is assembled like in the picture, you’re ready to go.

Step 4 Mark the Wall
If you’re screwing into tile or drywall, you’ll need anchors. Level the assembled rod on the wall and mark where the anchors will go. If you’re screwing into the studs, you can just level the rod and screw it into the studs using 1 5/8″ galvanized screws. It’s a shower, so everything should be galvanized or it will rust. Note: It’s very important to set the rod at the correct height for your shower curtain!

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