Textile fabrics made of different materials are used in daily household textile products, while traditional fabrics usually do not have antibacterial properties and are easily polluted by bacteria, fungi and mold in the external environment, thus causing serious damage to human health. Antibacterial fabrics can effectively remove fungus contamination on the fabric surface by adding antibacterial agents or antibacterial materials to the fabrics, thus protecting human rabbits from the threat of fungus contamination. Let's introduce a graphene fabric.

Graphene materials, with their unique physical and chemical mixed antibacterial mechanism, can play a very good broad-spectrum antibacterial effect by removing impurities into textile fabrics. In addition, graphene doping can also endow textile fabrics with antistatic performance, thermal conductivity and higher mechanical strength. Therefore, graphene antibacterial fabrics have great market potential in the household textile industry.

The new type of graphene antibacterial fabric developed by the company is mainly realized through two processing methods. First, a small amount of graphene material is doped in the spinning process to obtain an antibacterial spinning thread, and then the finished graphene antibacterial fabric is obtained through textile processing technology. Or firstly, the fabric is obtained through textile processing, and then a small amount of graphene material is coated inside and on the surface of the fabric structure through surface functionalization treatment and printing and dyeing processes. The materials used by the company include wool, cotton, acrylic and acrylic.

The company can select raw materials and adjust and improve the specific production process of graphene antibacterial fabric according to the specific performance, quality, cost and application market demand of customers. It can also make process modification and add new functional materials based on the existing production process of graphene antibacterial fabric according to the special customized requirements of customers to achieve the purpose of multifunctional application.

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