I agree, I wasn't expecting that. Been quite a while since I have played a Basketball game but this one being free I will need 2K MT to get back into it. NBA 2K20 is no more than a giant casino with a great deal of p2w mechanics. Just a warning. It's also fairly buggy. Any issues with participant? I stay away from MP in 2k games. I exclusively play with the modes and I love it. The shooting is somewhat annoying (playing hall of fame so it might be that) because it feels like it's necessary to receive a green release with anybody, ignoring their rating, but it's really terrific. I love playing defense. Matchups matter. Strength matters. If you play offline it is really great.

Is it still that way? It is very much so. I am not sure anyone plays with it. I'm probably like the 1% who performs with the My League mode. I play 82 and select a team and go into another season lol.

It was enjoyable to each have our own draft and teams and play a full year, without the chance of microtransactions. IIRC they kept making it worse and worse and it might not be in NBA 2K20 any more. At least the GM Mode was legitimately a GM simulator. Subs couldn't be made by you you played in that I thought my game was busted. So I changed to My League and it's a bare bones encounter where you don't handle the player's happiness and things like that. I personally enjoyed that, but it's what it is I guess.

Never actually played 2k20 because I got fed up with NBA 2K20s after 2k17 but the character creator is fairly in depth and encourages multiple characters but the thing is after you finish the story(which I discovered is pretty decent). There's nothing to do but play online or you could play myteam which is pretty good since you get to perform challenges to find the get players and also create your own team logo, uniforms, ect.. NBA 2K20 can also be a fairly big grind if you decide to take things slow but you'd have to eventually play online on this too though.

Not really. You can play offline although some mechanisms may use some tweaking. Even modes like MyTeam can be done offline. I don't really play online but that I can enjoy the card accumulating MyTeam.I only play with my career mode and if they make it a very slow grind to how to buy mt in nba 2k20 get your player past 90 overall score, it's still pretty fun. Not worth playing imo, even in single player. CEO of take 2 has indicated they are not milking enough and has flat out produced grossly anti consumer comments. I really like basketball but also this isn't a basketball game. It's a casino sim which requires you to grind hours for a decent experience against AI that is guaranteed to win possessions.