Recently, Nepal government has declared the extension of nationwide lockdown till April 27. Two of the three individuals who were suspected of having coronavirus were tested positive on April 14. Altogether, Nepal has reported 16 cases in which 1 is recovered and left 15 are kept in isolation. Government is trying its best to control the spread of the disease. 

So far, Rs 1.98 billion has been collected in the COVID-19 fund with majority of fund from government agencies. Nevertheless, the size of fund is rising. Many individuals and groups are also kind heartedly donating for the fund. Volunteers have been working on the streets to help stray animals and poor individuals. The one who is interested in donating for COVID-19 fund can donate via esewa and khalti.

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly all over the world. The number of cases and deaths are increasing daily in enormous amount. The epidemic that originated in Wuhan, China, in no time has spread across the world. The planet is suffering from serious pandemic.

According to worldometer(, altogether there are more than 1.9 million cases reported all over the world among which 126K+ people died and 470K+ people have been recovered. Now, the current report shows that the USA has more COVID-19 cases with 600K+ and 26K+ deaths. Among which 38K+ people have been recovered in total. After USA, Italy has the second highest death rates with 21K+ and Spain with 18K+ and UK, France and Iran comes under it.

This is the time to keep ourselves away from outside world to stay safe. Don't feel bad, but utilize your time doing something productive.
So, how are you spending your time during quarantine?