Performance Built Log Splitter is often used in landscaping work. It not only effectively grinds and processes the tree branches, branches, trunk, leaves and other greening garbage, but also fully displays the due utilization value of the greening garbage.  These crushed materials can be used for paper making, power generation, padding, feed, fertilizer, organic covering, sawdust board, particleboard, fiberboard, MDF, incense, mosquito coils, insulating materials, edible fungi, furniture, tables, chairs, etc., which greatly improve the value of these green garbage, and at the same time make good use of these green garbage wastes. However, as it is a crushing mechanical device, we need to pay attention to many places in the process of use.

First of all, the raw materials that we crush should be as dry as possible. Even if the raw materials are wet, they should not exceed 16% humidity. After entering the crushing cavity, the raw materials are crushed and processed by the blades. Therefore, we need to inject lubricating oil into the blade surface frequently to reduce the wear of the blade surface. After each production operation, we should also check the usage of the blades. Once the wear is found, we can repair it in time. If the wear is serious, we can only replace the new blades to solve the problem.

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