Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid GS Patent Multi without original shoes is not developed, the original built-in air cushion magic block A model outsole custom patent leather, shoe tongue AJ original original Oxford cloth + AJ special reverse mouth pearl cloth + original non-impurity high elasticity Inner sponge + special edge-stretched elastic laces.

Nike Air Max 270 V3 BLACK TECH mesh rear half palm air cushion shock absorption air cushion Air sports running shoes function semi-air cushion running shoes, inspired by the shoes of the annual award-winning model, the mesh upper of these shoes passes through its toe And outline, while still staying along the eyes. The hidden part of Barely Volte is blind, deviating from the covered Frosted Spruce swoosh, blending in the tongue and lining.

Nike KD13 White Rainbow  13th generation basketball shoes  From the overall appearance, KD13 has a more retro charm than the previous generation design, and the upper material is simpler and more practical. In terms of cushioning, the Zoom configuration is extended, and it is still attached to the bottom of the insole, which brings an intuitive soft foot feel. The air cushion with six sides at the heel is replaced by a front-shaped Zoom air cushion with a good area. Compared with the previous generation of air cushion products, it has been greatly improved, and it also emphasizes the surging elasticity in front of the palm. The overall materials are more concise and practical. Although the shoe surface is still made of four-way flying lines, the structure is hidden inside, and the appearance is like a mesh fabric of Element 55.