In order to achieve this goal and serve better for our customers, we have imported many sets of advanced large-scale precision machining equipment for bucket mould production.We are one of the leading bucket mould manufacturers to supply bucket mould.Optimal and equal cooling effects in different area of cavity and core of the Bucket Mould.

  The lock height of the bucket mould: In general, the lock height of the bucket mould is 20%-30% than the plastic bucket.We are hardly to control the shrinkage degree, so many supplier will put runner into lid.We keep update all details of the paint bucket mould to customers.If left untreated mold spores release into the air making it toxic to breathe.

  Also we suggest adding copper on the top of core and pail edge place.We all use high quality tooling to ensure all our paint bucket mould parts within tolerance, no handwork.About Paint Bucket Mould design, the main structure are similar, what make the difference is the detail.Our paint bucket moulds made by our moulds: Water-proof, full-closed, semi-closed, tamper evident, stackable, easy to handle.