As we discussed in our last blog, colours can be sorted by “temperature.” Warmer colours refer to red, orange, yellow, and so on. Today, Curtain pole manufacturer talks about cool colours, which include green, blue, and purple.

In general, cool colours are seen as more subdued and relaxed when compared to warmer colours. They are calming rather than energetic, as we pointed out in our example above. This can make them perfect for virtually any room in your home when you’re choosing colours for your home decor ideas!

One thing to keep in mind when using cooler colours is using too much from this section of the colour wheel in your design can make a space feel dark, gloomy, or depressing. Try to use several different shades if you want to utilise a monochromatic or analogous theme, and intersperse warmer colours throughout the room to keep it light.



The clearest association with the colour green is often with nature and plants — green growing things. You may gravitate toward this color especially if you live in a more arid desert region of the country, and it can work beautifully with warmer colours, whether you’re working with paint colours within a room or the natural landscape outside your window.

You can also take advantage of different associations within shades of green. Darker greens, for example, can help create a more elegant or professional aesthetic, while light greens can be refreshing and welcoming. We recommend using this tone where you want to create a soothing mood, such as the living room or bathroom.



If you ask people to associate the colour blue with an emotion, many would probably say sadness, but there are plenty of ways to utilise this tone for an uplifting or light-hearted effect. Decorating your home in shades of blue not only creates a beautiful effect, but can also help you feel relaxed. Use darker shades to encourage deep sleep in the bedroom and lighter shades elsewhere throughout the house for a subtle feeling of calm.



Many of the meanings associated with the colour purple can be traced back to the origins of purple dye. It was very difficult to make and therefore expensive, and so was only used for the clothes and other belongings of royalty or those who were extremely wealthy. In modern times, purple has gained a more fun and creative meaning, and it can make spaces like a child’s room feel bright and full of possibility.

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