Don’t let these breezy days of summer get lost as you scramble to pack in all the outside fun this warm, luxurious weather allows. If an outdoor oasis is your dream, embellish that space with outdoor curtains- the must have accent for a gazebo, deck, pool area, balcony, porch, or even a lonely spot in the backyard that needs some stylish pop. An outside curtain can easily transform any nook into a special corner to relax, to entertain (night or day), or simply to create an extension of your living area for additional space. Hopefully, you will have some architectural framework or some creative approach to hanging your curtains, but once you have fallen under the spell of the outdoors, I know you will figure out that part. As the whisper of the wind creates billowing clouds of fabric beckoning you outdoors, your new space is another chance to express your comfortable style of simple living. However, first, you should pay attention to this thing.

Many of us just want a shady retreat to escape the hot sun and offer a temperate alternative to the arctic, artificial and costly blasts of air conditioning. If you crave the fresh air, try to capture the sounds of nature and enjoy a dose of real light. Choose a darker and heavier fabric to fend off the sun, or you will be unhappy as a lighter material will not block the heat. If bugs bug you and those citronella candles are offensive, a darker curtain will also minimize those pesky critters. Curtains made from a Sunbrella fabric is a good choice as it is a superior weather-resistant fabric, blocks a majority of the UV rays and keeps mold and fading at bay. This easy-care fabric will protect your outdoor living area from all the residue from trees, animals, weather and nasty food spills. Wind can be fickle too, as it catches the curtains and can create havoc, tipping over candles and making messes. If any of those things bother you, go for a heavier outdoor curtain for the best protection.

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